Principal Characteristic

  1. Oval shape of the air box designed to enable high versatility for the installation of the device.
  2. High thermal insulation from heat sources by means of an air box in “true” carbon fibre at 5 layers.
  3. Air filter with re-generable material which warrants an high filtration efficiency with reduced drops.
  4. Oval Trumpet: sophisticated and designed inner system for the channelling, conveyance and increase of the air flow by introducing an innovative system/air conveyor named “Trumpet”. The Trumpet, placed inside the OTA device on the air outlet side, enables to additionally increase the quantity of air to the engine by taking advantage from the dynamic conveyance given by its peculiar shape.
  5. Air box with sealing system enabling to guarantee the best sealing among the components, such providing the best pressure tight of the device at any Rpm.

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